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Space exploration grants for teachers and students


Replace City Lights with Starlight

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A paradise lost.

80% of Earth's population live in cities and don't even see the stars.

Generations of young dreamers limited by an artificial horizon. 

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Now imagine a million students
seeing the stars together for the first time...

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...where kids take a journey through cosmic stepping stones. 


the perspective of looking through portholes in wonder from spaceship Earth.


horizons from building tops to mountaintops, revealing worlds beyond our own.



on the expansiveness of the cosmos, and with it, our sense of the possibilities at home.

toward a future in space with a place there for all of us.



to peoples on the other side of the world in celebration of our common cause under a shared sky.


Partners in Space Education

Join our partners in delivering teacher professional development, workforce development and student education to your constituents using Slooh.


Featured Media Coverage

Have an hour or twenty? Take in the mesmerizing views from Slooh's live feeds of space

 There are usually meteor livestreams like the ones hosted by NASA and by Slooh 


Armchair astronomers can watch a live feed of the eclipse thanks to Slooh

 Slooh, a service that allows users to patch into and personally control online telescopes around the world.

Satiate your skywatching appetite,  Slooh will host another webcast - to track the journey of the 100-foot-wide (30.4 meters) asteroid 2013 TX68

The best option is the Slooh observatory. You can also visit Slooh to snap and share your own photos from this live event, interact with the hosts and guests, and personally control Slooh’s telescopes.


The Slooh network of telescopes will be broadcasting the conjunction live on the web

Slooh Space Camera tracked the asteroid as it raced past at

27,000 mph

NASA Teams with Web Tech Company Slooh to Bring Universe to Everyone and Help Protect Earth Too