Slooh Space Exploration Grant 

The Slooh Space Exploration Grant is designed so all teachers and students can utilize the latest interactive astronomy technology to explore the Universe and Its Stars. 


Canary Observatory

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Half Meter Telescope


Deep Sky Telescope


We are reaching every accredited school in the US, and beyond by providing one million free student accounts.

Applications open August 30th 2022 for the 2022/2023 school year and must be received by December 31st, 2022.

Slooh goes beyond just providing tools; included in the grant is built-in professional development to help you succeed in the classroom and in your career as an educator. 

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What Do I Receive? 

  • A Teacher license to Slooh and up to 40 student seats for one year

  • Professional development, including access to a community of global educators learning together, so you can lead your students into space

  • Access to powerful online robotic telescopes for you and your students to control. 

  • STEAM aligned "Quest" learning activities 

  • A private club to monitor student progress and share observations.

  • A life-changing experience for you and your classroom by connecting you to a worldwide community exploring the cosmos

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Am I Eligible?

  • For 4th-12th grade educators at accredited schools. 

  • One teacher per school with 100 or more students can apply to receive The Slooh Space Exploration Grant.

  • For-profit schools, private schools, homeschools and higher education are not eligible to apply. Please join Slooh here

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When Will I Know I Have Won the Grant?

  • A panel of Slooh experts will review your application and you will be notified by e-mail within thirty days. 


Thank you for applying to the Slooh Space Exploration Grant. Educators like you help make the wonder, excitement, and knowledge of the Universe and Its Stars accessible to all students through a shared community of online telescopes.

How can you help make space exploration available to 1,000,000 students?  Apply for the Slooh Space Exploration Grant below.